Cell Phone Photography

I’ve had a camera on my cell phone since around 2003-ish when I got the LG VX6000. Then later I upgraded to a Razr, then some other phones, then the iPhone, and finally the Droid […]

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The Screen Savers, An On-Set Photo Shoot

“Live from the TechTV studios in San Francisco, it’s The Screen Savers!” Hey, remember The Screen Savers? The amazing tech variety show on Tech TV? The channel that used to rock before Comcast ruined it […]

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Yosemite in HDR

A few weeks ago I asked my girlfriend to marry me, and then, two days later, we left for a photo trip to Yosemite. I had been once before and the first time was so […]

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Big Sur, CA

Look at the color of the water in this shot: You’d think this was on the beach of an Island in the South Pacific – But no – This was actually taken in Northern California. In a […]

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Jack Skellington

Back in 2003 while I was at SFAI, I came across a photographer who’s work consisted of Ken Dolls in every day locations. The photographer’s work made the doll come alive, while still keeping its small scale. […]

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Apple Aperture 3 vs Adobe Lightroom 2

When I first started working with digital cameras, I depended only on Windows Explorer to organize my photos. It was horrible! I had to do everything myself, from folder naming to sorting and file naming, […]

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A Category of its own, Aerials

Probably the biggest challenge I had in creating this site was categorizing my collection. I always feel like each project I complete is its own category. The problem with this is that when it comes […]

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Hello Everyone

Hi world, My name is Kamel Perez and I will be using this website to share my photography, ideas and hopefully my iPhone / iPad apps with you. I once had an a blog and […]

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