The Apps

The work by Kamel Perez Photography is now available in the App Store!

* 1.1 Update now available with 10 new images per app!



  • HDR Photos 1.1: a collection of 30 photographs taken at various locations from around the world specifically to be processed to show High Dynamic Range.
  • Fleur 1.1: a collection of 30 photographs taken at various flower and orchid shows across the country.
  • Aerials 1.1: a collection of 30 photographs taken at 35,000 feet over various parts of North America.

Plus, the apps also enable you to save your favorite images, in their optimal resolution, to be set as backgrounds on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. The apps even support the new Retina display of the iPhone 4.

So click the image below, or any of the links above to get to the apps on the App Store for just 99¢ each!

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HDR PhotosHDR PhotosFleurFleurAerialsAerials

Setting an image as wallpaper is easy!

Just save it, then set it as a wallpaper via the device’s settings. No need to Move and Scale.

On iPad

The Images are saved at 1024×1024

This allows you to enjoy the wallpaper in Landscape or Portrait orientations without distortions.


– Mini portfolio showcasing 20 images from the Aerials collection by Kamel Perez Photography
– Ability to save desired images to be used as wallpaper for your device.
– Universal App with support for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.
– On iPad, each image saves at a 1024×1024 resolution. This allows the images to work in either landscape or portrait modes.
– On iPhone 4, they are saved in the full 960×640 Retina display resolution.
– On iPhone and iPod Touch, the photos are saved in the native 480×320 resolution.
– Since all photos are saved at the optimal resolution for your specific device, the results are crisp and non-distorted.
– No data connection is required! All images are contained within the app.
– More photos will be added in future updates.