You Should Sell Your Photos

“Kamel, you should really think about selling your photos! I bet people would buy them if you gave them the choice.”

I hear that a lot from people. My friends, co-workers, strangers via email and twitter. But I never thought I could easily pull that off. Especially while still having a full time job. I used to sell small prints on eBay, which was a small stream of surprisingly steady income. Not much to quit my day job for, but enough to keep me motivated to continue shooting. More than the money earned from the prints, I loved seeing the buyer feedback. I loved knowing that real people throughout the world actually enjoyed having one of my prints. Sadly after a few months of selling, I switched jobs and found myself with no time to tend to my eBaying anymore.

Recently, Lauren asked me the question again. Only this time she suggested I do it through this website. I researched how to pull that off, set up a really basic paypal based e-commerce thingy, picked 12 images to start out with and now the whole thing is ready.

How do I get there? Well, you can just click here for my store. Or you can select it from the menu bar located at the top of this site.

All color photos are printed on Kodak Professional Supra Endura VC Digital Paper. Which is basically an E-Surface (matte) paper. I love it, and I’m sure you will too. The Black and White photos are printed on true panchromatic, resin-coated B&W paper. Which is also a matte surface.

The Gallery Wrap choice is printed on actual canvas, wrapped around a 1.5″ thick wooden stretcher frame and it would arrive ready to hang.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments or use the “contact me” link from the menu bar.

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