Edinburgh in HDR

New to the gallery, a collection of HDR photos taken in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Dugald Monument Edinburgh HDR

Dugald Monument

These were from the same trip where I was “ticketed for terrorism” a couple of years ago. I took the train up to Scotland from Warrington on two separate occasions during my stay in the UK. On the first visit I was welcomed with sunny weather, bright blue skies and lots of people walking the streets. During this “day 1” visit I explored every bit I could, taking tons of photos along the way. Those images, just like with any others I take during a first visit to someplace new and exciting, came out rather “touristy”. Not in a bad way though. In fact, I’ll be posting those later on as part of a new category of photographs altogether.

National Monument HDR

The second visit to Edinburgh was quite different. I was welcomed with cold, rainy weather filled with dramatic skies and significantly less people walking about. Also, since I had now been here before, my eye for the place was different. The city felt even more unique. I had a fully charged camera with an empty memory card and the entire day ahead of me.

I walked up to the hills surrounding the city to take wider shots and to scope out the old buildings up close. As with any time I shoot during overcast skies, I made sure to bracket all of my exposures. Not really thinking I’d be merging and converting them to HDR (I honestly didn’t even know what HDR was back then). It was impossible to get everything exposed properly, the way I was seeing it, on the same frame in-camera. So I chugged along, snapping away.

Upon viewing the photos for the first time, I noticed none were capturing exactly what I had been seeing. The problem? I couldn’t get the dramatic afternoon, overcast, stormy skies exposed with the old castles and landscapes in the same frame. But since I had 3 or 4 different versions of the same shots, I was happy with the results.

Fast forward years later and I now have learned almost everything on making HDR images. I pretty much have my work-flow down, all from within Lightroom 3 and the Photomatix Pro plugin. So for the first time ever, I revisited my Edinburgh photos and one by one, slowly began to process, merge and build up a final series.

Edinburgh City Observatory HDR
City Observatory

This is exactly how I had wanted the exposures to turn out in-camera. This is the mood and look I was hoping to get and thanks to the amazing tools made available to photographers I now can.

You can view the rest of the Edinburgh in HDR set here.

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  1. Cait February 23, 2011 at 6:48 pm #

    I took a picture of that same monument on Calton Hill (http://www.flickr.com/photos/25451800@N06/2581523902/). Such a beautiful place. I’m so glad you told me to go :]

    • Kamel Perez February 23, 2011 at 7:02 pm #

      Cool! You had much nicer weather too. I’m glad you were able to go. Everyone should visit that city at some point.

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