The Screen Savers, An On-Set Photo Shoot

“Live from the TechTV studios in San Francisco, it’s The Screen Savers!”

Hey, remember The Screen Savers? The amazing tech variety show on Tech TV? The channel that used to rock before Comcast ruined it by merging it with G4?

I used to LOVE that show. I never missed an episode, and it helped turn me into the big geek I am today. The show had a cast of entertaining and knowledgeable people, such as Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton, Megan Morrone, Kevin Rose, Morgan Webb, Sarah Lane, Yoshi, etc… I’m not only crediting them with my full blown transformation into nerdom, but they also helped build the beginnings of social networking by showing everyone what “Blogs” were. They interacted with their audience on a level I had never before experienced in a television show with webcams and chat rooms even when they weren’t live. Leo even had his Leoville community, which I was totally part of. Ahem.

Sarah Lane

Sarah Lane, waiting to kick off the show

In 2002, I finally moved to San Francisco (the home of TechTv) for school. So, thanks to Kevin Rose, whom I had occasionally chatted with via the internets, I was able to visit the set several times. That’s how these photos were born – During live broadcasts!

The Screen Savers

Patrick Norton and Kevin Rose hosting

Imagine me, 19 years old, a total photo and computer geek, a huge fan of TechTV, being able to photograph pretty much anything I wanted, thanks to the amazing people who worked there. This experience rocked.

These images were posted on my old blog, and on the LeoVille forums.

The Screen Savers

The Mic

I’m excited to share these little blasts from the past, not just because I liked the “photo journalist” style they have, but also because of the significance this specific time had in my life. I had just started attending sfai, I had just gotten my first DSLR (Canon Digital Rebel), I was meeting lots of new and interesting people, I had a relatively successful blog, and was experiencing the beginnings of an amazing shift in tech; the internet and social media.

I have hundreds more, but I narrowed it down to just the 30, found in the gallery itself.

Looking down the cameras

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