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I’ve had a camera on my cell phone since around 2003-ish when I got the LG VX6000. Then later I upgraded to a Razr, then some other phones, then the iPhone, and finally the Droid Incredible.

At first, the image quality sucked, and really the spanshots taken with these devices were just for picture texts or viewing photos only from your cell phone’s tiny screen. Remember that “MoBlog” thing with TextAmerica? Yeah. So I completely wrote it off as a tool for my art.

More recently though, these phones have been producing higher quality images. Images that you could actually print 8x10s out of without it looking like crap. Not only that, but with the App Stores having tons of photo processing apps, you can now create some pretty interesting images. Thanks to these advances, the camera phone is now part of my camera arsenal.

Bank of America Tower, Miami FL

I took the photo above in Miami using the Pano iPhone App on my 3GS. Not bad, right?

Miami Beach Lifeguard Tower

This one was also in Miami, using the Vignette App on my Droid Incredible. I love the old fashioned kodachrome colors with the square frame.

Tilt Shift at Mirror Lake

Finally this one was taken in Yosemite, also using the Vignette App on my Droid. This setting mimics the results of using a tilt shift lens, giving it that “miniature” look.  Not only has the resolution improved leaps and bounds, but now with apps, you don’t even need to buy Photoshop to get a little creative.

In the end, the camera phone has provided me with more more tool for creating images. While not in the same category as full blown DSLRs, I now feel comfortable using cell phone images in my work.

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  1. Cait January 25, 2011 at 2:25 pm #

    I pretty much ditched my digital camera after I got my first cell phone w/ a camera. There just wasn’t a point in carrying an extra device when the image quality is the same. Now when I’m in the mood for “real” photography I always grab the SLR :]

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