Jack Skellington

Back in 2003 while I was at SFAI, I came across a photographer who’s work consisted of Ken Dolls in every day locations. The photographer’s work made the doll come alive, while still keeping its small scale. That same year I decided to try the same type of shots using my own Jack Skellington Figure for my Studio Lighting and Large Format class.

I shot several series using my Canon SLR with 35mm Tri-X film, a Hasselblad, and even took two shots using a rare 20×24 inch Polaroid camera. I posted this set online a year later on Floating Monkeys and they became the most popular part of that online portfolio.

Today I decided to re-post the first set, shot with the Canon on 35mm Black and White film. This series hasn’t been online since 2007, but I’m sure the only people who noticed they were gone were the 50-something people who were using them as their MySpace backgrounds and as forum avatars. I never asked anyone who was using them non-commercially to take them down, just to give credit. Who doesn’t love seeing their images being used and appreciated?

You can click on the image below to see the complete set:

Jack Skellington 8

Jack Skellington #8

Later this year (when I have access to a medium format scanner and figure out a way to scan a giant 20x24in Polaroid) I will post the other two sets from that same series. Promise.

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