Big Sur, CA

Look at the color of the water in this shot:

Big Sur

Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

You’d think this was on the beach of an Island in the South Pacific – But no – This was actually taken in Northern California. In a place located just 3 hours south of San Francisco. This is Big Sur. More specifically, the photos were taken at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park within Big Sur. If you love shooting around the Northern California coastline, but are tired of the same views and colors, I suggest you head down there for some unique (to CA anyway) colors and landscapes.

But a word of advice. Don’t focus too much on the little lagoon pictured above. During my trip there, I was so fascinated by it that during the editing process back home, I recall deleting over 80 pictures that looked almost exactly like the one above. One gets mesmerized by such pretty vistas that they forget to look around and see the other small details that a unique location provides. While I only had a handful of interesting shots – like the rock textures – near the end of my set.  Next time I go, I’ll keep my wits about me, and focus on the smaller details that get lost amidst the grand beauty of it all.  But who knows when that day will be.

If you can’t make it down there right now, then have a look at my set taken in Big Sur, CA by clicking on the image above or below.


Coast line near Big Sur, CA


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